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pirates sucked [07 Jul 2006|04:01am]
[ mood | pirates sucked mood ]

yes it did. so who saw Matrix Relouded in Theaters? think of that but x4 (I can explain all 4x if you saw it and want me to explain) let me just say, ummmm...there is no resolution, AT ALL, it's not even a complete movie.

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sleep [27 May 2006|01:41am]
[ mood | awake ]

just got back from xmen, and now I sleep.

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[22 May 2006|04:09pm]
[ mood | productive ]

so today I was sick. I woke up. I was still tired, realized my internet was still not working, contimplated what missing school would do, and went back to sleep. I guess I could've gone to school, but I may have had to do a report in poetry which wasn't done yet, because my internet wasn't working. Now I'm working on it so I can do it tomorrow. I HATE YOU INTERNET (for not working yesturday when I was going to finish my report, and it not working, and me now having to do it tomorrow which makes me look forward to having to do it, instead of already having it done)

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[12 Apr 2006|01:38am]
i've watched many movies over the break.
1. The One
2. Heathers
3. The Faculty
4. American Beauty
5. Fright Night
6. The Fly
7. Gia
8. Initial D

and I hope to watch more
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hair cut [09 Apr 2006|02:24pm]
today I got a haircut. too bad my camera doesn't work to post a new awesome pic of it. the post below this one is better, read that one.

Hey, the scroll bar is the arrow thing pointing ^ and v not that one that says <- Back
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spring break...! [09 Apr 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Well, it's spring break. I wasn't at school on friday. No, I didn't ditch, I was full of Sinus stuff. I guess I'm better now, but yeah. spring break! maybe some kind of movie night over the break. I have the entire house to myself. RESPONSIBILITAI . I need to buy some DVDs. I guess I'll start my list here. 1) Meet Joe Black 2) American Beauty 3) After The Hole 4)..ummmmm..... Wicker Park (ha, I can't think of any others) 5) I guess I should've stoped at 4. 6) House of Flying Daggers (because it has nothing to do with flying daggers, but has to do with sacraficing yourself for love, and I've never seen it in english/subbed, I saw it in Mandarin, no subs) 7) The One (I'll just steal charlie's copy) 8)Calateral 9)Escape from Series (because it has Snake Pliskin in it, I bet they're lame movies) 10)Interview With The Vampire 11)Big Fish 12)awesome movie number 12. add to it if you'd like.

Silent Hill Preview on TV, that looks hella scary. yum cockaroaches. hmmm....Silent Hill or Scary Movie 4? MOVIES!!! It's sometimes good to escape reality, without relying on some kind of harmful conformist product. Now McDonald's commercial about jobs, AHHHHHHH I Hate You McDonald's. If there was no McDonald's there might be more In 'n' Outs or MOS Burger in the US, YUM Mountain Ocean Sage Burger.

it's so not 1:07, it's like 1:25

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[04 Apr 2006|07:24pm]
[ mood | blah! ]


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[26 Feb 2006|04:13am]
[ mood | my shoulder hurts ]

today was an awesome movie night. Started at 4pm (jason was the only one to show up at 4). Then more people started showing up after 5pm. Movie night lasted until 4am. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sleepy Hallow, Phantom of the Opera, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Domino. awesome night.

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[22 Feb 2006|08:44pm]
[ mood | full ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

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[20 Feb 2006|01:43am]
enjoy today for it is your last holiday till school.

then it's like 4 days and after that you don't have school for another 2 days.
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[05 Feb 2006|12:36pm]
[ mood | curious ]

this weekend was cool. went to The White Rose, watched movies and played videogames with friends, and hung out at Taco Bell "Lounge".

next weekend I'm going to plan my Movie Night. If anyone wants to come, just say so. Tell me what movie you want to bring/watch because I don't know how many movies we can fit into the movie watching time period without people becoming lazy or crippled. I'm thinking 3, but I could watched movies from when I wake up till when I fall asleep.

Image hosting by Photobucket

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[28 Jan 2006|10:31pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

tomorrow is the DDR "Party". I hope it is chill. Today I drove again, after being imobile (if that's a word) for 6 months. picked up my brother's thick DDR dance pads, which are cool. fun day. Maybe in two weekends or something, if I addapt to my american school life, I'll have a movie night with some DDR. if you want to come, add some movies we should watched to the mix. Amityville Horror or Ring 2, something scary, but not discusting ei. Audition (needles and a meet sawing string, ahhhhhhhh)

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[15 Jan 2006|09:50pm]
[ mood | Buck Tooth Faced ]

I'm back, the end.

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[13 Jan 2006|05:49am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

so what's happening on saturday, tomorrow? raise your hand. I found out that I get to take a weapon with me, yes. well, it's considered a weapon, but to those who don't know how to use it, it's as harmless as a broomstick. No, not like the harry potter broomsticks. do they even refer to it as a broomstick in harry potter, I think they always say broom, lameness (just like the goblit of fire). speaking of harry potter, I know how it ends. harry potter is the reincarnation of the Voldamort guy. By watching the 4 movies, there are like 3 Voldamorts, that head thing, the book and then the other one that I wont say in spoiling the movie, but the real one is locked away in Harry Potter, he just doesn't know it. I just can't wait for the last Harry Potter to be like Star Wars Episode III.

ummm...I thought I had an idea for a good live journal entry, but that's all that came out of my head. the best time to have a DDR Party might be on the minimum days during finals. I'd have it at my house, but there is this thing that passes through my house with no self worth and has to attempt to get the attention of others to feel appreciated or accepted. I wish I could just buy a farm and let all the "special" people run free.

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[09 Jan 2006|04:39am]
[ mood | hot ]

yay, coming back soon. If you don't know when, sucks to your assmar. today I went to about 8 convient stores looking for the 24 Calorie Mate Special Box that comes with an episode of 24. Found it, so now I have 10 calorie mates sitting in front of me right now. I think if they fit, I'm going to put them in my carry on with all my other valuables. I'd laugh if they open my bag like they ussually do because of all my electronic stuff, and they're like, "Calorie Mate suki desu ne? (you like calorie mate don't you)". I'd respond not knowing I was even carrying Calorie Mates and someone stashed them in my bag, "it's not my bag man". But like I'd eat them on the plane, Calorie Mates are soo much better cold, they're harder, but as they become soft, they're soo good. Pretty much like a rollo or anthing covered in chacolate with a caramel center. if they're room temperature, they're alright, warm, they're horrible, and cold, it's nice to let them melt in your mouth. they're all chacolate flavor, I forgot to mention. Cheese is okay, but fruit/vegetable (I don't know if they make both or just one of those kinds) I had once, and it tastes like puke, and it leaves the taste of the calorie mate in your mouth, like puke. I ate one once at lunch, and when I got home I was like, what's that taste in my mouth, tastes like puke, or I had that calorie mate at lunch. It even puts (shrills, shrivels, ummm...whatever) in your spine when you eat it, it's soo nasty.

tomorrow I'm sending my package with like $250 in gifts in stuff back to the US. I guess I'm going to do it sea mail (which takes like 1-2 months) but everyone is like, "ahhh, air mail is soo expensive, do sea mail", so sea mail it is. I guess it's a lot cheaper than air mail, so I guess I'll save money. With the money I'll save i'll buy "more gifts for my friends".

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[07 Jan 2006|04:59am]
[ mood | giggly ]

have you ever wondered who you could tell a secret to without it getting out?

today I played Kingdom Hearts 2, it has pretty awesome graphics and the new combos are cool too. I guess the only problem with it is that it can be beaten by a child in 3 days (if they play it practically all day).

if you want to know when I get back, ask me online.

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[04 Jan 2006|05:23am]
[ mood | blank ]

if you haven't heard, I may be returning to the US a little early. Reasons why: My last day of Japanese school is the 13th, and my return date is February 5th (big gap), I'll be returning to school late with the current return date, it's pretty much in the foreign exchange companies policy to not let a student return to their home school late if they're not attending school in their exchange country at the time. I haven't really received much details (I just heard about it yesturday) but when I find out an exact date, you'll know (maybe).

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new years [31 Dec 2005|06:59am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

well it's japanese new years. I watched K-1 Kick Boxing. I don't remember seeing Kick Boxing on TV, but I think it's on Pay Per View. Interresting but watching a fat guy attempt to beat someone by smothering his them with his fat seems really lame. Other than that, the only thing else that was on tv were live music shows. Japanese channels only go up to 12 and there are channels with no signals, so it's about 6-8 channels. 2 Kick Boxing tournaments and 3-4 shows with Japanese singers and entertainers signing live. After it became 12am, I said happy new year, and went to bed.

today I saw Sayuri, Memoires of a Geisha. Wanted to buy a Tamagotchi, but they didn't have the color I wanted with the somewhat engrish on it. ummm...that's about it. Got wendy's today. tastes like In and Out. I wish there were more around, but japan is pretty much dominated my Makudonarudo.

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return [21 Dec 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | dazzed ]

it's been 1 year since I last wrote something into my live journal. I'll make my first post the thing that brought me back.

1. My name:
2. Where did we meet?:
3. How long have you known me?:
4. How well do you know me (a lot, not so much, nothing)?:
5. Do I smoke?:
6. What'ss my favourite colour?:
7. When you first saw me what was your first impression?
8. My age?:
9. My birthday?:
10. Color Hair?:
11. Color eyes?:
12. Have you ever had a crush on me?
13. Have you ever been jealous of me?
14. What do you want to do when I get back?
15. Whats one of my fav things to do indoors?:
16. Do you remember the first things I said to you when we first met?
17. What's my fav type of music?:
18.What's one of my fav things to do outdoors?:
19. Am I shy or outgoing?
20.Would you say I'm funny HAHA or funny (sarcastic)?:
21. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?:
22. Would you consider me a friend?:
23. Would you call me preppy, backstabber, average, sporty, punk, hippie, weird, snobby, or something else?:
24. Have you ever seen me cry?:
25. If there were one good nickname for me, what would it be?
26. Are my parents still together?:
27. Do I have a nice butt?:
28. If I had broccoli stuck on my teeth, would you tell me?
29. Do you love me?:
AM I?? ?!?!?!?
31. Quiet or loud?
31. Short or Tall:
32.Weird or original:
33. Smart or stupid?
34. Boring or Fun?
35. Attractive or Unattractive?
DO YOU THINK I'M... (yes or no, if u wanna say something extra say it)
36.A psycho?
39. A nerd?
40. A bad fiend?
41. Ghetto?
42. A motherfucker?
43. Two-faced?
44. Obnoxious?
45. Immature?
46. Mature?
47. What do you think I'll be when I grow up?
48. A) Do you think i'll get married?
B) If you do,Who do you think I'll marry?
49. When is my birthday?
50. Who is my best friend?
51. What song(if any)reminds you of me?
52. Do I remind you of any characters on TV?
53. If you could rename me, what would my name be?
54. Have you ever had a dream about me?
55. A feature that you like about me:
56. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
57.Something that gives me character bout myself?
58. Am I physically ugly, average, decent, good-looking, beautiful, hot?
59. Would you ever kiss me?
60. Would you ever consider being my lover?
61.Do you ever think about me off-line?
62. If we spent a day together?.where would we go and what would we do?
63. If you could describe me in one word, what would it be?
64. Do you or have you ever had a crush on me?
65. Do you want me?
66. What word do I say all the time?
67. Is there anything you'ed like to say to me?

Merry Christmas

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give me attention [21 Dec 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

why do people long for attention? it seems to be some form of feeling that you exist.

the only reason for livejournal or myspace is to get attention. there is no deeper meaning to it. why do you rely on simple computer information to feel like you exist?

even as you leave your away message up on your AIM, you want people to acknowledge your existence.


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